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released June 24, 2012



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A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Final Ascent: Exiled
Here stands the accused
Bring her before the bench
Her shrunken figure belies the carnage that she creates

Persistent images of a savage assault
Have been brought before you today
Let not the fear in this charlatans eyes
Be the forced that compels your will to be swayed

Disregard the evidence
Behold this evil in deceiving form
Her tears an affront to the life she claimed
Do not mistake this hollow display
For remorse or shame

Oh, children
Are you not aghast
At the sight of this woman
Who broke your home
The court has witnessed this basest betrayal
Of a mother to brood whom she called her own
So if a soul you possess
Condemn her to death

Tear down my defenses
Leaving me without an opportunity
To contest this warped presentation
Of the word of law
I have seen your so called justice wane
And I am present for the fall

Standing upon the threshold of the prison gates
I wonder if this is how I'll live out my days
Hands bound
Drowning in the derision of all these degenerate voices
An unholy sound

You may have heard my name
Carried on the whispers of those who defamed me
And left me defenseless

What else can be said?
Cannot allow the fear to remove my humanity
Every night spent praying for a painless death
My heart
My soul
Has been imprisoned
Without a single piece of evidence
To justify this process

These walls consume my life
The stars
The constellations
And all the wonders of the night sky
Have been stolen from my sight
Track Name: Misanthrope
My life’s been that of a simple man
I never held the world in my hands
But I know that I am meant for greater things

Waking in a world reserved for those who couldn’t find their way
From here there’s no returning
Surrounded by all of these unrealized dreams, pathetic beings
This must have been some kind of mistake

I don’t belong in this place
There’s so much of life that I have yet to taste
When I look back across my days
Surely I must have lived well enough to escape this fate

I’m trapped inside this place so far from home
This world has left me on my own
I can feel my consciousness closing in
(Without hope)
Clutching at the remnants of who I am
(For redemption)
This can’t be where my story ends

I can’t accept that the masses have deemed us all as unworthy
What right have they to take what’s ours
Their souls be damned for all eternity
The price they pay
Shall be twice the pain that they have forced on me

But for an instant I feel a twinge of doubt
Could it be that I could still amount to something more than the world had said that I could be
While the world represses changes
Condemning all who dare to demand acceptance for them and all their perceptions

Instead of feeling wronged
I am now out for blood
The time has come to reclaim what’s ours
We shall take it by force

Gather all your belongings
We embark at the dawn
We can’t sit back and ignore this battle we must make ourselves heard

Searching for a way to reach homes
But have we ever been welcome here
Were we ever home at all
Pushing towards a truth we’ve known all along
Home is not where the heart is
Home is merely a figment of thought

When all we wanted was acceptance
Then never again shall we try
To attain the goals of a simple man
We fell prey to ill deeds under idle hands
To all those who have wronged us heed this call
This is the last time that we fall

A new era now approaches
The world shall soon be in our hands
And all the fools who dare impede us
Shall join the ranks of the damned
Track Name: Dehumanized
Disgraced and denounced
The solution that you’d found
Was to ask me to defy what I am
Despite that I’ll continue to struggle on

Weight down with guilt and resentment
I keep the truth from the light of day
If there’s a benevolent creator
Why have I been made in this way?

Looking out on a world that doesn’t understand pain
At least not in my way
I’m forced to conceal the truth in myself
For fear of it getting out

This demon that dwells in my heart
Has been the reason for all of my suffering
An undeniable part of myself
That in solitude threatens to swallow me whole

I’ve been led astray by these insecurities
They’ve permeated the walls of my conscience
A conditional existence of shame
That only those of my affliction could begin to explain

I’ve been trying to convince myself
That my heart still beats
For a reason between dreams
If this is who I am
Then why should I be forced to betray my only identity

Any chance of peace has been taken from me
By the sounds of an era in which it’s shameful to be at peace
This wall of lies has consumed my soul
And I’m prepared for some honesty
To those who’d stand between a man and the life he was made for
To see his soul bared would force you through pain you’re not worthy of

Dehumanized in the guise of piety
More hate than love in this “house of god”
I’m trying to make a stand
Though I hardly have faith enough to believe
That someday I’ll possess the strength
I need to show the truth inside me

And you say I made a choice
But what choice could there be
I’m not the man that’s been expected of me
Is not my life my own?
Track Name: The Massacre to Come
Abandon all the ties connecting you to this life
Only then can a soldier be born
Pushing forward through the lands of these heathens and liars
All that’s left in our wake shall burn

As you pass through the gates let your vision run red
And let nothing in your path remain alive
Show no mercy to woman or child

Cut the throats of the elders
Disembowel every child
Make the men see their daughters despoiled

Let no man cast his duty aside
An example must be made
This is a herald of the massacre to come
For your country be brave

Conducting chaos into permanent symphony
Let this city be razed
And if you hear a growing sound
In the halls of the wicked
By it’s beauty be not swayed
We the voices of the fallen brave

These women are ripe for the taking
Spurred on by the smell of blood

Join me brothers
Revel in depravity
The earth itself affirming our divinity
We are gods tonight

Our voices sound the will to fight
A dim refrain that will meet it’s end this night
And though we pass this solemn hymn continues
Drive them into the caverns
And in the darkness they shall bargain with death
In growing daylight you can hear their final strains
Growing fainter still

Oh god
This hellish descant
Which once was faint as morning’s light
Now resounds with a staggering might
This vile elegy
I fear shall be the death of me
Ravaging the depths of my mind
This must be what madness feels like

When in death you’re forced to see your crimes
For the sake of your soul don’t avert your eyes
So upward to the cliffs march in single file
And with your final breath pay your respects

Cast yourselves to the sea
That your mind may soon be free
Track Name: Flameborn
This was a simple action
From my hands came the spark
That led to this
My first attempt to cleanse

A grand incineration of forsaken flesh
My wrath embodied now in flame

Avoiding all the pitfalls and traps that destroyed those who came before me
This will be so much more than just one tragic headline
I have only just begun

Is your sin
(An act of pure aggression)
Worth this fate
(My simple crime of passion)
(Your every single action)
Or I will bring the judgement straight to your door

In the first act of this tragedy
You will find that my hands were meant to be
The ones holding your throat and extinguishing
The last spark of your worthless existence

As I fall to the ground
This beauty is blinding me
I have found me place

Oh come all you warlords
Perverted and depraved
And heed the signs
Premonitory warnings of this conflagration engrossing the landscape
A masterpiece consuming the wicked
Send up a prayer to whatever god you pray to
And hope it’s not in vain

I swear I’ll be the cure to this plague
A swift and unending cessation of greed
But can I atone for my crimes
When the time of my judgement arrives

Can I devise a new plan
In this perfect disarray
Or will my fate be decided by all that I’ve done
My soul be condemned to a hell of my own design
How can I know

This is eradication
Destruction of the weak
You soon will know of whom I speak

The streets are burning with the blood of those interred
In prisons built within the bowels of this world
I am the harbinger of things yet to pass
I am the omen
I am the last

While my bloody banner is unfurled
Hear my battle cry across the world
This is but a simple taste of what my new regime will bring

All who dare to stand against me shall find
Their last gaze reflected in hollow eyes
Track Name: Tempest
We are departing on a journey that will take us to the ends of the earth
The true embodiment of freedom awaits all those who desire to prove their worth
Never have you felt this kind of strength
Carrying the weight of your brothers in hand
Living on the edge of existence
Controlling the hands of providence

Beyond cerulean crests
Into extrinsic depths
Though we sail without uncertainty
It’s clear we ride the edge of sanity these days
On the horizon appears a vision of power
That’s closing in for convergence soon this day

Could you have ever believed you’d live this way
At the mercy of the sea
Through the gale we will find our fortune
No matter the cost

And I saw through the looking glass a storm
The likes of which no man could suffer
A destroyer
An ender of worlds
This is our time
Our tale
We are not lost

Hold fast
For all your fellow men
We will forever change what courage means
We’ll redefine bravery
This I swear

In our defiance we challenge the gods
But be not quick to forget
This battered vessel our only reprieve from the agony of these crushing depths
A blacker abyss than you could conceive
Is what awaits you beneath these waves

Could you have ever believed you’d live this way
Without hope to see the day
Through the fear we can still recover
All’s not been lost

I beg your allegiance in these trying times
When the only measure of a man is the respect that he’s earned
Will you follow me
Into the tempest
Track Name: The Perseus Veil
My people feel the strain of the unforgiving sun
Beating down on their backs every day
And those who don’t succumb to exhaustion
Are called upon to prepare for war

Is there another way out?
Do we all suffer in vain?
A grand inception has graced my mind
At it’s success we shall transcend these pains

Observe my creation
It heralds the dawn of a new age
A race of novel construction
Neither man nor machine they shall set us free
They fight with the strength of a thousand men
The barren fields they shall till under our command
At their advent let our broken bodies mend

How quickly can we place our faith in a creature without a soul
I can’t justify my doubt with any form of proof
But I just know that’s there’s a reason for my sense of foreboding

Cause I can sense a hidden force in these beings
An underlying corruption
A demon horse borne in on cybernetic wings
Is stepping out of the shadows

As they become self aware
It’s only a matter of time
Before they question their existence
Subservient to a people with weaknesses of our kind

My home is just on the brink of an all consuming war
These hours may be my last
I beg forgiveness from all I have harmed

I hear the sounds of my people submitting to bio-synthetic butchery
I can’t contain this monstrosity
The blood of thousands is on my hand
And it seems that our society has come to an untimely end
Track Name: Pilgrimage
This is what my people have been reduced to
A life spent wandering the stars
A fleet of unparalleled grandeur
Without a place to call home
Each one confined to a prison
Unlike any beknownst to man

With the protection
Of these second-skin like
Metallic and leukocyte suits
We’re kept alive in a haven of disease
Pan-systemic pathogenic waves
Meant to infect us

Are broken on me
Sure as the coastline repels the sea
Bear me hence ancestors I pray
As I embark on this pilgrimage
(To stay alive)
Guide me safely through

Jettisoned from the fleet
I’m struggling to keep composure
I’ll never see my home again
Only returning with proof of my worth

Into the void
A vast expanse of dark matter
Slowly envelops me
Only a fool would search for value here
Have I been betrayed by my kind?

Drifting through ravaged galaxies
I can see now how hopeless this journey must be

In reflection
I can see the charge I’ve been given’s essential
To our continued survival
So even in the face of death
I’ll persevere without regret

I can hardly breath
Fearful that somehow I’ve lost my way
Give me strength ancestors I pray

I see a glimmer of light
Before the dragon’s teeth rise up to pierce the sky
The broken bodies of a nation
A race now claimed
In the name of false gods and idols
Flesh now gone
Leaving empty veins where once was blood
As in lament I turn to walk away
I hear the devil’s call

I see not a flicker of recognition in these eyes
Just an unholy light
Muscles replaced with circuitry powering lifeless hands
Closing around my throat
Track Name: Spiders
We are not broken

I am just a man clinging desperately to reality
My sanity fading before me
A constant battle is waged in my mind
To which there’s no end in sight

Enter a nightmare
Where gossamer threads peel back my skin
And bind me to darkness
They won’t relinquish their hold
Until my blood runs cold

This has taken possession of me
And darkened all my dreams
All my life
I am not broken

How can I protect against the walls of my home
If your seek the demon’s refuge look no further than the rafters above
A malignant shape now apparates


A wave of paranoia is washing over me
I can’t contain fear that’s pulling my life away

As I stare into this darkened space
I can slowly feel the press of their legs

Only in the darkness can they find my reprieve
This void without forms brings the creatures to my escape

But in light my strength restored
I pray it sustain me for just one day more

I will not just live my life in fear
I know soon it shall be my time
Till I have the strength to persevere
I will have to confide in the light
Track Name: Final Ascent: Exodus
Carrying the weight of indifference upon my soul
Ten years of penance for another’s crime
I’ve fallen prey to the apathy
That’s been the unmaking of countless lives before my time

The prison gates have finally opened
To return me to a former life
But what it expels
Is just a hollow shell

Robbed of my emotions
A mere shadow of what I used to be
The world has moved on without me

Though by law I’m unbound
It seems the home that I’d found
Can still see my chains
I have lost my shelter now
For it seems I’ve been disavowed

My beloved children
The last vestige of hope that I could somehow mend the fragments
Of this long since broken existence
They now recoil at my touch
For in the eyes of the world I’ve been judged

They were present for my prosecution
Subject now to grander disillusions
That day
In their eyes
As a mother
I died

How can one be expected to pick up the pieces of a life long since forgotten
There is no going back
I’m in the process of a spiritual cold snap

Just a word they use to sleep at night
My heart
My soul
Never left the prison gates
The human that I was
Has ceased to be
Judging by this vague sense of apathy
Hope lost (hope lost)
In time (in time)
Spent knowing I’d never get out alive

As the truth washes over me
I can finally understand
What must be done

Contemplating the death of a loved one
That is the crime for which I’ve been punished
No longer bent on the task of survival
It seems that I have forgotten
How to live
Looking out at the streets right before me
I know that his has been my final ascent

I’d convinced myself
That after all this time
You’d still be by my side
Fear not my love
One leap of faith and I’m coming home