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This was a simple action
From my hands came the spark
That led to this
My first attempt to cleanse

A grand incineration of forsaken flesh
My wrath embodied now in flame

Avoiding all the pitfalls and traps that destroyed those who came before me
This will be so much more than just one tragic headline
I have only just begun

Is your sin
(An act of pure aggression)
Worth this fate
(My simple crime of passion)
(Your every single action)
Or I will bring the judgement straight to your door

In the first act of this tragedy
You will find that my hands were meant to be
The ones holding your throat and extinguishing
The last spark of your worthless existence

As I fall to the ground
This beauty is blinding me
I have found me place

Oh come all you warlords
Perverted and depraved
And heed the signs
Premonitory warnings of this conflagration engrossing the landscape
A masterpiece consuming the wicked
Send up a prayer to whatever god you pray to
And hope it’s not in vain

I swear I’ll be the cure to this plague
A swift and unending cessation of greed
But can I atone for my crimes
When the time of my judgement arrives

Can I devise a new plan
In this perfect disarray
Or will my fate be decided by all that I’ve done
My soul be condemned to a hell of my own design
How can I know

This is eradication
Destruction of the weak
You soon will know of whom I speak

The streets are burning with the blood of those interred
In prisons built within the bowels of this world
I am the harbinger of things yet to pass
I am the omen
I am the last

While my bloody banner is unfurled
Hear my battle cry across the world
This is but a simple taste of what my new regime will bring

All who dare to stand against me shall find
Their last gaze reflected in hollow eyes


from Catharsis, released June 24, 2012



all rights reserved


A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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