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My life’s been that of a simple man
I never held the world in my hands
But I know that I am meant for greater things

Waking in a world reserved for those who couldn’t find their way
From here there’s no returning
Surrounded by all of these unrealized dreams, pathetic beings
This must have been some kind of mistake

I don’t belong in this place
There’s so much of life that I have yet to taste
When I look back across my days
Surely I must have lived well enough to escape this fate

I’m trapped inside this place so far from home
This world has left me on my own
I can feel my consciousness closing in
(Without hope)
Clutching at the remnants of who I am
(For redemption)
This can’t be where my story ends

I can’t accept that the masses have deemed us all as unworthy
What right have they to take what’s ours
Their souls be damned for all eternity
The price they pay
Shall be twice the pain that they have forced on me

But for an instant I feel a twinge of doubt
Could it be that I could still amount to something more than the world had said that I could be
While the world represses changes
Condemning all who dare to demand acceptance for them and all their perceptions

Instead of feeling wronged
I am now out for blood
The time has come to reclaim what’s ours
We shall take it by force

Gather all your belongings
We embark at the dawn
We can’t sit back and ignore this battle we must make ourselves heard

Searching for a way to reach homes
But have we ever been welcome here
Were we ever home at all
Pushing towards a truth we’ve known all along
Home is not where the heart is
Home is merely a figment of thought

When all we wanted was acceptance
Then never again shall we try
To attain the goals of a simple man
We fell prey to ill deeds under idle hands
To all those who have wronged us heed this call
This is the last time that we fall

A new era now approaches
The world shall soon be in our hands
And all the fools who dare impede us
Shall join the ranks of the damned


from Catharsis, released June 24, 2012
Featuring Jeff Higgins of Anchorlines



all rights reserved


A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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