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This is what my people have been reduced to
A life spent wandering the stars
A fleet of unparalleled grandeur
Without a place to call home
Each one confined to a prison
Unlike any beknownst to man

With the protection
Of these second-skin like
Metallic and leukocyte suits
We’re kept alive in a haven of disease
Pan-systemic pathogenic waves
Meant to infect us

Are broken on me
Sure as the coastline repels the sea
Bear me hence ancestors I pray
As I embark on this pilgrimage
(To stay alive)
Guide me safely through

Jettisoned from the fleet
I’m struggling to keep composure
I’ll never see my home again
Only returning with proof of my worth

Into the void
A vast expanse of dark matter
Slowly envelops me
Only a fool would search for value here
Have I been betrayed by my kind?

Drifting through ravaged galaxies
I can see now how hopeless this journey must be

In reflection
I can see the charge I’ve been given’s essential
To our continued survival
So even in the face of death
I’ll persevere without regret

I can hardly breath
Fearful that somehow I’ve lost my way
Give me strength ancestors I pray

I see a glimmer of light
Before the dragon’s teeth rise up to pierce the sky
The broken bodies of a nation
A race now claimed
In the name of false gods and idols
Flesh now gone
Leaving empty veins where once was blood
As in lament I turn to walk away
I hear the devil’s call

I see not a flicker of recognition in these eyes
Just an unholy light
Muscles replaced with circuitry powering lifeless hands
Closing around my throat


from Catharsis, released June 24, 2012



all rights reserved


A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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