The Massacre to Come

from by A Wanted Awakening

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Abandon all the ties connecting you to this life
Only then can a soldier be born
Pushing forward through the lands of these heathens and liars
All that’s left in our wake shall burn

As you pass through the gates let your vision run red
And let nothing in your path remain alive
Show no mercy to woman or child

Cut the throats of the elders
Disembowel every child
Make the men see their daughters despoiled

Let no man cast his duty aside
An example must be made
This is a herald of the massacre to come
For your country be brave

Conducting chaos into permanent symphony
Let this city be razed
And if you hear a growing sound
In the halls of the wicked
By it’s beauty be not swayed
We the voices of the fallen brave

These women are ripe for the taking
Spurred on by the smell of blood

Join me brothers
Revel in depravity
The earth itself affirming our divinity
We are gods tonight

Our voices sound the will to fight
A dim refrain that will meet it’s end this night
And though we pass this solemn hymn continues
Drive them into the caverns
And in the darkness they shall bargain with death
In growing daylight you can hear their final strains
Growing fainter still

Oh god
This hellish descant
Which once was faint as morning’s light
Now resounds with a staggering might
This vile elegy
I fear shall be the death of me
Ravaging the depths of my mind
This must be what madness feels like

When in death you’re forced to see your crimes
For the sake of your soul don’t avert your eyes
So upward to the cliffs march in single file
And with your final breath pay your respects

Cast yourselves to the sea
That your mind may soon be free


from Catharsis, released June 24, 2012



all rights reserved


A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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