Final Ascent: Exodus

from by A Wanted Awakening

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Carrying the weight of indifference upon my soul
Ten years of penance for another’s crime
I’ve fallen prey to the apathy
That’s been the unmaking of countless lives before my time

The prison gates have finally opened
To return me to a former life
But what it expels
Is just a hollow shell

Robbed of my emotions
A mere shadow of what I used to be
The world has moved on without me

Though by law I’m unbound
It seems the home that I’d found
Can still see my chains
I have lost my shelter now
For it seems I’ve been disavowed

My beloved children
The last vestige of hope that I could somehow mend the fragments
Of this long since broken existence
They now recoil at my touch
For in the eyes of the world I’ve been judged

They were present for my prosecution
Subject now to grander disillusions
That day
In their eyes
As a mother
I died

How can one be expected to pick up the pieces of a life long since forgotten
There is no going back
I’m in the process of a spiritual cold snap

Just a word they use to sleep at night
My heart
My soul
Never left the prison gates
The human that I was
Has ceased to be
Judging by this vague sense of apathy
Hope lost (hope lost)
In time (in time)
Spent knowing I’d never get out alive

As the truth washes over me
I can finally understand
What must be done

Contemplating the death of a loved one
That is the crime for which I’ve been punished
No longer bent on the task of survival
It seems that I have forgotten
How to live
Looking out at the streets right before me
I know that his has been my final ascent

I’d convinced myself
That after all this time
You’d still be by my side
Fear not my love
One leap of faith and I’m coming home


from Catharsis, released June 24, 2012
Featuring Ronnie Carignan of Manifest



all rights reserved


A Wanted Awakening Lowell, Massachusetts

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